Caleb is professionally impeccable and I do not say this lightly. After just two months of working together, his notes, words, questions and frameworks have left lasting impressions. Literally daily, I reflect on one or more elements of what he taught me. His superpowers are listening and intuitive translation of the jumble of story that each of us carries around in our head. I heartily recommend him as a career coach and am happy to have conversations to that end. Impeccable.
— Rachel Greenberger - Director, Food Sol at Babson College
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Coaching for Entrepreneurs

I work with founders to help them focus and refine their business model and vision for their company while developing themselves and increasing their capacity to lead effectively. This approach integrates leadership, personal development, negotiation, and business model design.

Coaching for Intrapreneurs

The term "intrapreneuring" was first used by a mentor and friend, Gifford Pinchot III to describe people who innovate within the context of existing organizations. I work with people who are creating new value and changing dynamics within companies - emerging leaders who are stretching into new levels of understanding and influence. This approach combines leadership and personal development with systems dynamics, organizational design principles, and effective communication techniques.

Coaching for Designers and Artists

In my work with designers and artists we find ways to integrate their innate need to express creativity into their personal and professional lives. This approach blends leadership and personal development practice,  with creative frameworks, and aspects of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial coaching, depending on the context.

I love working one-on-one with passionate and creative people. I maintain on a small number of coaching clients at a time. If you're interested, be in touch. I'd love to hear from you.