I’ve had the opportunity to work collaboratively with many bright talented people over my career; working with Caleb over the past two-year period has been a fantastic experience. He brings a rare “whole brain” perspective to client engagements, which includes a strong analytical ability, balanced with strong conceptual insight. The complexity of organizational work today requires integrity both intellectually and emotionally, which Caleb brings in spades. He exhibits a strong ability to build professional relationships that quickly align around confidence and trust and makes partnering and collaborating a delight with his light-heartedness and professionalism.
— Thom Walters, Author of "Below the Waterline"
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Cambridge Naturals

My wife's parents started Cambridge Naturals in 1974 as a natural grocer to serve the community by providing the highest quality food and wellness products. Over the past 41 years, Cambridge Naturals has emerged as a pioneer in the natural products industry and a pinnacle of local business. In 2014, my wife and I moved "out" to Massachusetts to get involved with the business. As second generation owner, my wife is building off of the past 41 years to grow the business and amplify the mission. I'm very proud to be a part of this family owned business that's been providing real value for decades.  Check out our picture in the paper!

Owl, Fox & Dean

I started this company with my wife in 2012 on the belief that good business and deep human connection can change the world. Our first two years were based in Portland, OR and in 2014, we moved to Boston, MA where we are now firmly headquartered.  Our work blends the disciplines of systems thinking, design thinking, and strategy to help organizations increase their capacity to innovate and transform. I love this work because I have the opportunity to partner with brilliant colleagues and clients who drive me to learn and grow.

Design Museum Boston

I first heard about Design Museum Boston through a friend in Portland four years ago and was inspired by their story and business model. I even told the story as an example in my leadership coaching and organizational design work before I had actually met anyone in the organization. The Design Museum Foundation has turned the concept of a museum inside out by showcasing the power of design and the impact that it has on our world through exhibits around the city. "Design is everywhere, so are we." Since launching in Boston five years ago, they've grown to have presence in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA.

Boston Architectural College

I am a faculty member within the Practice Department at the BAC. The Practice Department is where students learn by applying core design concepts and their respective disciplines to hand-on projects outside the classroom. I'm currently co-teaching the Community Practice course where I am applying my work with individuals and teams within organizations with undergrad project teams. I've also taught systems thinking in the context of business design for the BAC's business accelerator program, Hatch.